About Jen Aull

Holistic Health Coach.


My passion for health started at a young age. One of my first memories of this is of going to a Jazzercise class with my mom and aunt in the early 80s. That was the first and last time I went (exercise is not my mom’s thing…), but the experience stuck with me. Fast-forward to high school where I joined the cross-country team and ended up running all 3 seasons for all 4 years, and continuing to run XC on scholarship in college.  As long as I can remember I’ve had a reputation of being “into health”.  Health information always intrigued me and I did all the “healthy” things (or at least thought I did…).

Which is why it was so shocking to me when I started experiencing health problems at 20. I was eating everything “right”.  I was doing all the healthy things a healthy person is supposed to! (Or was I?) I was following all the rules! (Whose rules?) This was not fair!

Why did I get such horrible cramps when I got my period? “Go on the pill,” my gynecologist said. Um, no, was the first feeling I had.  I don’t even take Tylenol when I have a headache. That just seems unnatural, I felt. I’ll be fine.  

Then my cycle started to interfere with my job. I was experiencing such painful cramps that one day I had to leave my job early. Again, my gynecologist encouraged me to go on the pill. But it felt wrong. I felt it in my body. “Are you sure there is nothing else I can do?”  I asked.  Nope. This is the answer, go on the pill. So, I did. I knew this was not right for me.  But this guy is a doctor. He knows what’s best for me. 

This was one of the first times I clearly remember being aware of my own intuition, the wisdom of my body—and also ignoring it.  I knew it didn’t feel right for me but I did it anyway, because an expert told me otherwise. 

I spent most of my 20s in a cycle of attempting to go off of the pill and experiencing side effects (like acne, melasma and digestive issues), and going back on it to counter those side effects. Looking back I can now admit I felt horrible. I was tired all the time, and my hair was falling out, thinning and just not growing.  But I was healthy!!  So, I kept doing all of the things that I thought were healthy.  I was so comfortable with being uncomfortable (in the name of health) that I just accepted that this was my new normal.  

I didn’t want to feel like this. After 8 years of ignoring what my body was telling me and blindly trusting the "experts", I finally made some decisions that changed my life. After enrolling in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Certification Program (which was the start of my studies of holistic health), I worked with a health coach of my own to get off the pill and get my period back! I remember crying on the phone with the coach I worked with because I thought I was already doing All. The. Things.  She assured me—yes, things can change.

And they did.

Years ago I read From the Heart: Eight Rules to Live By by Robin Roberts.  One of her rules is to “Make your mess your message.”  Through these many stressful years I remembered that I am the expert on ME.  I gave my power to external forces that I thought knew better than me about what’s best for me. But now I remember that I had the answers inside of me all along. I felt them. I needed to trust them. 

My “mess” turned out to be one of my greatest gifts. I want to use my gifts, skills and knowledge to help you--help support you in trusting yourself and help guide you to health in the way that feels right for you. I am not the expert on you… YOU are.

I’d be honored to be your guide back to health, back to yourself.


I hold a BS and MS in Health Education from Hofstra University. I have been in the classroom working with adolescents and adults for 17 years.  In 2012 I had the honor of receiving the NYS Health Teacher of the Year award from NYSAHPERD.  In this same year I returned to school to become a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I then studied under the direction of Nicole Jardim through her Women’s Health Apprenticeship, and have since received my Women’s Health Coach Certification with the Integrative Women’s Health Institute. This is the only NBHWC approved health coaching program in the world with a specialization in women's health.

I am also RYT200 Kripalu Yoga Teacher.